About Us

Content is king. Period. That’s been the case since as long as the pen was placed on paper. But what’s a word worth? A penny or a dollar – how about a dogecoin or some bits?

CoinWrite is for writers and readers. It’s for lovers of digital currency and for doubtful investors. CoinWrite is for the curious.

Bitcoin is the reason I’m here and it has been the primary driver for my interest in digital currencies. But it’s sparked my interested in this whole new fascinating world filled with charts and scattered with decimal points. Doge, Bit, Lite – pick your coin. They are all fascinating.

For CoinWrite to be a success we need you. We need you to engage on and off the site, write and comment. We need you to be active. This site is here to provide a real benefit to all parties involved. Profit for the writers and knowledge for the readers.

With all the hacks, cons and fraudulent activity, the people (you) deserve a voice. We’re looking for stories, and we want to pay you to write them.

As of now, we operate on minimal ads and your donations. So the more you tip the more great content we will publish! Be sure to submit a pitch if you are interested in making some coin.

CoinWrite is a site dedicated to information and quality information at that. CoinWrite depends on the community, the writers and readers alike. For this site to survive and thrive there must be community contributions, without such it simply will not stay afloat.

Thank you,

The CoinWrite Team